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#1 Love Story

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I met my husband on your website. We met in June last year and got married in December last year. We are very happy together. Gene and I are forever grateful to your website and happy to be part of your success stories. We are very appreciative for introducing us to each other.

I am attaching a picture of Gene and I on our wedding day of December 14, 2017. It is a wonderful story of two people who found love and we are both grateful to the website for making it happen. Without the website we would have never met. You can count on us for a very positive feedback in promoting the website and services you offer.

#2 Romantic Relationship

luxury couple dating

Krista winked at me, but because there was a large age-gap and large distance (Prince George, Canada and Los Angeles) I replied negatively. She persisted, and we then wrote and phoned prolificly for 2-3 months. Having done significant distance-romance in the past, and unsuccessfully, I had a 'moment of realism' about the seeming futility of continuing, when the distance was going to preclude getting sufficient quality time together; and I wrote to call it off.

She was not pleased is an understatement, but we went our separate ways for about 3 months. I then had a moment of clarity, and expecting to be ignored or a reply of invective, I gingerly wrote her a note. She warily replied, and we started writing and phoning again, but this time, I decided to do things properly by committing to have regular visits. Within minutes of meeting for the first time, the fabled but elusive chemistry was very apparent, something never before experienced in my years of life in marriages and dating. I made several more visits, and it was very apparent that this was it, so she is moving to be with me in Los Angeles.[Read More]

#3 Luxury Life

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